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Teeth whitening Rickmansworth

Discover a brighter, whiter smile..

If you are looking for an effective professional at-home teeth whitening treatment then here at The Rickmansworth Clinic we off 2 great choices – the Zoom! at-home teeth whitening option or the Enlighten teeth whitening procedure. Both these systems give outstanding, professional and safe whitening results.

The Enlighten Evolution Tooth Whitening system promises to safely and easily whiten teeth up to 16 shades lighter and we are an accredited Enlighten Tooth Whitening centre for people in Rickmansworth, North London and Hertfordshire.

In the privacy of your own home you wear the special gel-filled whitening trays with the gels  for a few hours at a time encouraging the teeth to whiten gradually over a 2 week period. The whitening gel formulation is a favourite of ours as it is extremely effective yet gentle on the gums.

Zoom! Instant power whitening..

Philips Zoom! same day teeth whitening is a popular alternative to the at-home treatment for those wishing to see instant and dramatic teeth whitening results. Accelerated whitening results are achieved through the combination of an advanced formula tooth whitening gel along with the WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp. You are guaranteed to leave the clinic with a whiter, brighter smile after just one 90 minute session!

  • Guaranteed to lighten teeth by several shades
  • In-chair teeth whitening treatment lasts only 90 minutes
  • Outstanding professional teeth whitening results
  • Instant and dramatic results
  • Little or no sensitivity following whitening treatment
Zoom teeth whitening

~ Zoom! 5 shades lighter in just 90 minutes ~

Teeth whitening Rickmansworth

Zoom! Together Instant whitening..

If you book in for a Zoom! teeth whitening treatment at the same time as a friend, partner or family member you will both make huge savings on the normal treatment fee! Instead of each treatment costing £495, you will each pay just £350 and both come out at the same time with your brightest, whitest smile ever!

If you have any questions about either the Enlighten or Zoom! teeth whitening sytems, please call our reception team today and we’d love to help you. Our expert teeth whitening dental hygienist Nicky Pratt offers a FREE consultation to advise you on the best teeth whitening option for you.

~ Professional teeth whitening Rickmansworth ~

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Here at The Rickmansworth Clinic we recognise that each of us is unique and that everyone’s teeth are different. If you are contemplating cosmetic procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers or teeth straightening, we offer potential clients a free consultation where we can get to know you and to understand how best we can support you revealing your best smile ever!

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