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Orthodontic treatment: what's involved?

Orthodontic treatment involves the application of dental braces to facilitate the re-positioning of teeth and they can be either removable or fixed braces. A removable brace comprises a wired palate which gently moves specific teeth and can be removed for cleaning or during sporting activity.

Fixed braces are made up of individual brackets on the front of each tooth united by flexible wire and they are tightened every 6 weeks. For fixed braces we offer clients the choice of regular or low-profile brackets in either standard metal or ceramic material. Moreover, there is a choice of coloured rubber bands to affix the adjustable wire to the brackets.

~ Meet Dr Anjali Sharma: our in-house Specialist Orthodontist ~

Why choose Orthodontic treatment?

The most common reasons for seeking out orthodontic treatment are either protruding front teeth or crooked teeth due to over-crowding. Orthodontic work can also close unwanted gaps or can create space to allow room for un-erupted teeth to emerge. When a patient has an incorrect bite (overbite or underbite) orthodontic treatment is invaluable in re-establishing balance in the mouth.. Moreover, when faced with incorrect alignment of teeth in upper and lower jaws orthodontic treatment will help to realign the centre lines of both jaws.

Our own in-house specialist orthodontic consultant is ready to welcome you and guide you through your orthodontic treatment planning and implementation. Dr Anjali Sharma has the qualifications and experience which renders her a ‘Specialist Orthodontist’ and she is also trained and qualified to work in the NHS hospital system as a Consultant.

As a specialist orthodontist, Anjali understands the treatment needs of children, teenagers and adults alike and she will always present you with the best options for your individual case. Anjali continues to work alongside specialists in related fields and general dental surgeons to best serve patients who present with more complicated dental and facial problems.

Orthodontist Dr Anjali Sharma

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Orthodontist Rickmansworth

When to start Orthodontic treatment..

With children we usually start treatment at around 12 or 13, once all the adult teeth have emerged. Nowadays, we also treat more and more adults and age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment – there is no reason why everyone can’t have the smile they desire!

With all patients good oral health is imperative before commencing orthodontic work and the timing of any work will be assessed at your initial consultation. At your appointment our orthodontic specialist will determine what your treatment options are, how long treatment will take, when treatment can start and what your commitment must be to ensure treatment success.

Dr Geetanjali Sharma: FDS RCS (Orth); MOrth (RCS.Eng); MClinDent Orthodontics; MJDF (RCS.Eng) and BDS (Hons) GDC number: 103794

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