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The Rickmansworth Clinic is located on the high street in the very heart of Rickmansworth and is led by the practice owner Dr Ailing Jeavons who has over 25 years experience as a GDC-registered dental surgeon and is Harley Academy trained in Facial Aesthetics. Alongside Dr Jeavons is a highly-trained team of dental professionals including experts in dental implants, orthodontics, periodontology and other much-demanded treatments such as Invisalign teeth straightening. Six Month Smiles and Zoom! teeth whitening.

We also run a medically-led aesthetics clinic offering clients  an extensive range of cutting-edge and advanced aesthetic treatments to tackle the natural signs of ageing as well as common skin complaints. Our range of proven effective cosmetic procedures includes anti-wrinkle injections, dermal and lip fillers, LED light therapy, HydraFacial, Silhouette Soft® thread lift and our very own MyLift rejuvenation programme pioneered by Dr Petrou-Amerikanos.

The Rickmansworth Clinic guarantees you the best in discerning professionalism and  our trademark five star service before, during and after your dental or aesthetic treatment. We look forward to welcoming you soon and to supporting you on your way to your best smile ever and a radiant complexion!

Dental Surgeons

Meet the team

Dr Tony Petrou-Amerikanos GDC 71475 ~ Dr Savan Shah GDC 176442 ~


Meet the team

Dr Michail Vavalekas (Periodontist) GDC 187491 ~ Dr Anjali Sharma (Orthodontic Specialist Consultant) GDC 103794

Medical Aesthetics

Meet the team

Dr Antonis Petrou-Amerikanos GDC 71475 ~ Dr Savan Shah GDC 176442 ~ Dr Ailing Jeavons GDC 68124

Dental Hygienists

Meet the team

Shilpa Thejopal GDC 179709 ~ Sobia Nawaz GDC 237501 ~ Nicky Pratt GDC 5677 ~ Clare Gerrish GDC 147345

Dental & Aesthetics Specialists ~ Rickmansworth

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