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Wrinkle relaxing treatments..

It is common to acquire wrinkles during the natural ageing process. Other factors might be too much sun exposure or unhealthy lifestyle factors. An effective and trusted cosmetic solution to facial wrinkles is a wrinkle softening injectable such as Botox or Azzalure which have been proven to be effective in improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

The Rickmansworth Clinic is committed to using only the highest quality products. Practice owner Dr Ailing Jeavons has over 20 years experience as a dental surgeon and leads a team of experienced and highly-trained medical staff who administer all anti-ageing injectables. Our professional clinical staff are knowledgeable about all wrinkle relaxing treatments and rest assured you will always feel in safe hands.

Beat those wrinkles ~ Botox ~ Azzalure

When we administer a wrinkle softening injectable, such as Botox or Azzalure, the nerve sends a message to the specified muscle telling it to relax. This has an immediate softening effect on the wrinkles in question and we have seen that repeated Botox treatments will give noticeable and long-lasting results.

Botox injections are a clinically-proven and safe choice for combatting certain natural signs of ageing. Consequently, just one wrinkle relaxing treatment may be all you need to see the results you’re looking for. Furthermore,  you can target different problem areas in each Botox treatment depending on your individual aspirations.

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~Wrinkle relaxing injectables by trusted medical professionals~

Botox payment plans

Invest in yourself with an annual plan..

Benefits of the wrinkle-softening annual plans from only £60/month:

• wrinkle-relaxing injections are proven to diminish wrinkles                          

• regular injections will inhibit the development of future wrinkles            

• all injectables are administered by highly-trained medical professionals

• The Rickmansworth Clinic offers a safe, hygienic and welcoming environment

• We invite you for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options

What our clients say..

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Here at The Rickmansworth Clinic we recognise that each of us is unique and that everyone’s skin is different. If you are contemplating cosmetic procedures such as the anti-ageing injectables, contact reception to find out about the regular treatment plans which help spread the cost and save you money – plans start from just £60/month. We also offer potential clients a free initial consultation where we can get to know you and to understand how best we can help you discover your best skin ever!

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